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English is the business language in the world. We often see that students are struggling to communicate because of lack of good communication in English. Our course 'MAATRAA' is the answer to the students struggles.


Students come from diverse backgrounds and have different abilities. But inability to communicate effectively in English has been noticed as a huge roadblock for employability of students. Our solution addresses this problem to help students gain mastery over the language.

Why Everyday English?

Team of competent experts have created content to help students and it is available fully online.

How Everyday English works?

1. The inputs to the students are in the form of PDF documents and Video outlining assignment and Tutorials.These are sent to the email addresses of the students on a daily basis. These tutorials and activities are focussed onto the 7 Cs required for Effective communication , i.e.Completeness, Concreteness, Correctness, Clarity, Consideration, Conciseness and Creativity.
2. These will provide the required practice to the student on a regular basis.
3. All the Tutorials have to be replied back on a regular basis in the form of emails from the students. These will be looked at Individually by our experts and written comments in the forms of Emails .
4. The activities are aimed at pinpointing the weak areas of Individual students (with the help of the PDF documents and You Tube Files) . The replies from our experts will help the students to improve on their weakness and significantly improve their English communication. These will reflect in better Listening and Improved Public Speaking as well as Good English Writing capabilities.
5. The Online Tests held every week which will also help the student to evaluate his/her periodic improvement . The test results will provide the required information to our experts to guide the student and improve his weakness.





.   Grammar: Exposure and intensive practice on the basics of English Grammar. The course covers nouns, pronouns, verbs,adverbs, adjectives, tenses etc.

2. Phonetics and Vocabulary: Extensive vocabulary building exercises as a good vocabulary always creates a very good impact
3. Syntax and sentence creation: This is the most critical aspect of learning a language
4. Written practice: How to write so as to make an impression is the focus. Emails, letters, Reports- we constantly have to communicate in written format. These sessions will cover the fundamentals of written communication in all formats.
5. Conversation practice: we provide templates for students to practice the language in typical situations.
6. Tests and Practice



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6


Grammar, structure and Usage

Conversation, vocabulary, Listening and Pronunciation

Reading and writing, comprehension

Reading and writing

Tests and Practice

      * PDF documents will be shared every week covering each of these topics

      * The students can study the content anytime-anywhere

      * MCQs will be shared at the end of every week to assess learning and comprehension

      * Students have to submit other assignments in written and video format on YouTube.            




The 6 week anytime anywhere learning program is available for Rs 15,000 + GST.



The student should have knowledge of basic English grammar and sentence formation.


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