From non-compartmental through to population pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic analyses, Thermo Scientific's Kinetica facilitates data analysis and reporting in a flexible environment. Kinetica offers fast high-throughput data analysis for clinical, preclinical, discovery, drug metabolism and drug delivery settings. Kinetica improves your data analysis experience while reducing the need for multiple software packages and associated training.

EP Series

EP Series is a solution for the centralized GLP-compliant management, analysis, simulation and reporting of PK/PD laboratory data in drug development. The system was developed in conjunction with several major pharmaceutical companies to ensure it meets the real-world needs of Scientists, Quality Assurance personnel, and Information Technology staff in pharmaceutical, biotech and other research organizations. The EP Series provides Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) capability for PK/PD laboratory data and integrates with Kinetica, WinNonlin, NONMEM and SAS to integrate information into Enterprise-Wide Knowledge.

AdmeWorks DDI Simulator

ADMEWORKS/DDI Simulator is a software application for assessing the risk of potential drug-drug interactions, allowing the user to perform both quantitative simulations of Competitive and Mechanism-based inhibitions.